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Summer at the Terre Haute Children's Museum is filled with explosive fun! Want to make art out of science? Throw things off the second floor? Mix ingredients and create explosions? Join us for a summer filled with exciting science education.

Summer Science Camp is for children entering K-4th Grade and is an interactive, FUN experience designed for children to explore different areas of science through hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Each camp is loaded with activities and games created with education in mind and geared for their age group. All of the activities are supervised by experienced staff and camp counselors.

  • Each camp is Monday– Friday
  • 8 AM – NOON
  • $110 **Ask about our EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

Stuntology  |  June 12-16  |  K-4th Grade

A good stunt is something you can learn in ten seconds, then spend ten years perfecting — balancing a broom on the end of your finger, turning a pencil into rubber or whistling with an acorn cap. Kids will learn the stunts AND the science behind them! Campers get a front row seat to a special show by Sam Bartlett, the master of Stuntology, who’s been featured on PBS' The Friday Zone.

Padawan Training  |  June 19-23  |  K-4th Grade

Join us for a space camp that’s out of this world! We’ll explore fictional space worlds, as well as the real-life space exploration of NASA. This is definitely the right camp for all aspiring Jedis and astronauts!

Micro-Macro |  June 26-30  |  K-4th Grade

From the small to the large, explore it all. Atoms form matter; elements become substances; cells become organisms; energy turns into waves; and buildings come from many small parts. This camp is for those who love science in all sizes.

Mini |  July 5-7  |  Ages 3-4

Not only is this a mini (shortened) camp, it is for our youngest friends (ages 3-4 years). This age-appropriate session will allow young campers to have fun exploring science in the world around them, while including plenty of play time in the museum under the watchful eye of our staff.   Children must be potty-trained.

**This camp will be prorated to accommodate the 4th of July holiday.

Messy Science  |  July 10-14  |  K-4th Grade

The world can be a messy place, and our motto is, “the messier, the better!” Explore gooey globs, colorful          concoctions and exciting explosions as we experiment with chemistry. And the  best part is…we’ll do all the clean up!

Tech  |  July 17-21  |  K-4th Grade

Robots, coding, building, oh my! Beginners to this new world of technology will explore and create using the tools of tomorrow. Use both computers and hands-on    techniques to try your hand at coding, gaming and much more!

Sampler |  July 24-28  |  K-4th Grade

Couldn't decide which camp to attend? Or, do you love one topic so much that you want to try it again? This camp lets you do the best of each session and, even better, registration is offered on a daily basis with an increasing discount for multiple days.

Sign-up online HERE or Download the form HERE.

A limited number of summer camp scholarships are also available, based on financial need. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Download the scholarship form to apply.

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