Summer Science Camps

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Summer means longer days, warmer temperatures and endless opportunities for children to explore at the Terre Haute Children’s Museum.

This summer, there are so many chances to learn cool science concepts and have hands-on learning opportunities at summer camp. Our trained and experienced educators provide a blend of educational and interactive play experiences for all children.

In addition to having a great week at summer camp, learning about a specific topic, each camper will have an opportunity to explore the Museum and spend time on the Ropes Challenge Course.

You may recognize the titles or themes from prior years, but many of the activities and projects will be brand new!

It’s bound to be the BEST. SUMMER. EVER! Check out all we have to offer your kiddos:

  • Each camp is Monday– Friday*
  • 8 AM – NOON
  • $125 Non-members; $115 Members*
  • Save $15 with an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT... now through April 30!
    • Hands-on activities
    • Playtime in the museum
    • A snack served daily
    • Weekly guest or field trip
    • A camp t-shirt
    • Time on the Ropes Challenge Course

*PreK Camps are three days and have a prorated fee.

Summer Sampler

June 10-14 | K-4th Grade

Kick off your summer in a packed week of the best of our science camps to come! Explore outer space, jump to new heights, create delicious concoctions, as well as clicking into coding and constructing explosive experiments. Start your summer off with the best of the best.

Messy Science

June 17-21 | K-4th Grade

Science is messy, and here at the Museum we love science! Explore bubbly concoctions, slippery slime, explosive experiments, and so much more. Are you ready to get messy?

Culinary Concoctions

June 24-28 | K-4th Grade

With a dash of chemistry and a pinch of wonder you have the perfect recipe for a culinary chef! Bring the two worlds of cooking and chemistry together and, in turn, create appetizing treats. You won’t want to miss this delicious week!

Movement, Gravity & Friction, Oh My!

July 8-10 | Pre-K

Does your preschooler ask 'why' about everything? Preschoolers come to play, learn and discover the big questions of how and why things move. Why does a water balloon come down and splash? Why do wheels roll and stop? Drop your potty-trained 3-5 year old off for a world of discovery.

Astronaut Academy

July 15-19 | K-4th Grade

Zoom, zoom we’re off to the moon! Join us as we travel through space and train to become official astronauts. Children will also examine real moon rocks coming to the museum from NASA. Don’t miss out on this outer space adventure!

Hands-On Coding

July 22-26 | K-4th Grade

Do you love using technology? But do you know what makes it possible to open an app, play a game or send a message? Discover the basics of coding and the principles of programming with hands-on activities and projects as we show there is so much more than screen time. Click into this high tech adventure!

Ropes & Recreation

July 29-August 2 | K-4th Grade

Jump to new heights with this exhilarating camp! End your summer by getting active with our Ropes Challenge Course. Swing to new heights to explore what makes your body healthy and strong. Hurry and grab on before it is too late if you are more than 48" tall!

See all the Summer Science Camps HERE !

A limited number of summer camp scholarships are also available, based on financial need. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Download the scholarship form to apply.


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