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Cloud in a Bottle

Clouds form when water vapor forms tiny visible droplets. Ask a parent to help you make your own cloud! What  you'll need: Plastic Bottle Warm Water Matches A parent or other adult Instructions: Pour enough warm water to fill the bottom of the bottle. Have an adult light a match and drop it inside the bottle.…
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Marshmallow Tower

Are you ready to challenge your family and friends and put your building skills to the test? Use everyday items to build the tallest standing tower! What you’ll need: 20 sticks of spaghetti 1 yard of tape 1 yard of string 1 marshmallow Timer/clock Instructions: Gather all of your materials on a flat sturdy surface…
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The Tornado Tube

Watch as gravity can turn two soda bottles and water into a tornado! What you’ll need: Two clear soda bottles Duct tape Water 1 inch washer Instructions: Wash the bottles making sure to remove any labels. Fill one bottle with water almost to the top. Place the washer on top of the mouth of the…
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