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Are you looking for an interactive STEM activity for your next event? Look no further than the Terre Haute Children’s Museum. Our outreach programs come to your location and make science come alive. Click Here to request a program.  For more information, please email outreach@terrehautechildrensmuseum.com.

Outreach Labs

For up to 30 students in PreK-5th grades in a classroom setting. These STEM lessons provide the WOW and inspiration to start a unit or can conclude a unit by engaging students in a fun hands-on experience. Students will actively engage in science or engineering practices during the program.

  • Designed for Pre-K through 5th Grade
  • Labs are 45-60 minutes
  • $170 per session
  • Discounts are available for multiple sessions
  • Outreach events outside of Vigo County are subject to a transportation fee.
  • Click Here to request a program


Astronaut Adventure

Become a NASA astronaut by going through official training! Make your way through various stations to learn how to walk in space, eat like an astronaut, and much more. After completing the training each child earns their own NASA badge to become an official astronaut. 

Crazy Coasters

Explore force and motion as you work in teams to build a roller coaster. In this marble challenge put the force of gravity to work and engage in a hands-on experience to understand the science and design process that goes into engineering your favorite roller coasters.

Gross Science

Let’s get gross and explore the inner workings of our bodies, ruminate about runny noses, and dive into digestion. Explore the functions of your body through experiments that simulate how your body works. Learn why it’s so important to keep your body healthy!

Gravity’s Grasp

Give gravity a whirl as we demonstrate how it affects orbiting planets, stars, and other space objects. What goes up must come down...but it has to do so in a way that doesn’t destroy a lander. Students will build a model moon lander to see how gravity affects the outcome!

Simple Machines on Stage

Students take the role of a set engineer! Use models of simple machines and teamwork to solve staging challenges, such as on how to make an actor fly, build a set that moves, or make a ramp for an actress in a wheelchair.


Air is everywhere—but how do we know it exists if we can’t see it? Air is most noticeable when we feel it in the form of wind. The Leap into Science wind workshop invites children to experiment with air and explore the ways that an invisible substance can produce visible effects.

STEM Stations 

Let us create a memorable one-hour event where kids DO science! Choose from hands-on science activities for a Family STEM Night or other event for a large number of people. Participants flow from one activity to another, spending 5-10 minutes at each. THCM will send staff members to facilitate up to three stations and train your volunteers to lead the other stations.

  • All Ages
  • $90 for the first station for one hour, $170 for two stations for one hour, and $25 for each additional station.
  • Additional hours can be added for $25 each.
  • Outreach events outside of Vigo County are subject to a transportation fee.
  • If you already have a variety of stations from other organizations, we are glad to be one of many.
  • Click Here to request a program

Our STEM stations include:


Soybean Necklaces

Create a necklace that grows before your eyes.

Insect Moves

Roll the dice and move like a fly avoiding a spider’s web, sit still on a branch like a walking stick, dung beetle or three other insects.


Is it a liquid or a solid? Experiment to see what sinks or floats in this amazing goo.

Exploding Bags

Create colorful mini-explosions with baking soda and vinegar.

Power of Air

Use a Magdeburg sphere and suction cups to learn how air is stronger than you and that suction cups don’t suck.

Cardboard Constructions

Use Make-do tools and intentionally limited supplies to engineer your own cardboard models and creations to an agreed upon theme.

Geometric Bubbles

Use Zometools to make two-dimensional bubble shapes, or even experiment with 3-D bubbles like a pyramid, cube or paraboloid, all using the principle of “minimal surfaces.”

Marble Roller Coasters

Discover potential or kinetic energy and centripetal force while designing and building your own roller coaster.

Makey-Makey Circuits

Use these circuit boards to pass electricity through food, yourself, and everyday objects to find out how to complete a circuit.


Levers and fulcrums work together to send small bags flying. Experiment with the placement of the lever and the weight of the bag to land it in the target zone.

Tornado Towers 

Can you build a tower to withstand gale-force winds provided by an air cannon?

Bottleless Water

Can you hold water in your hand? It is possible to get a drink without using a container! Learn how to be eco-friendly while satisfying your thirst.


Booking Information

Questions: Contact outreach@terrehautechildrensmuseum.com.

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