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Are you looking for an interactive STEM activity for your next event? Look no further than the Terre Haute Children’s Museum. Our outreach programs come to your location and make science come alive. Click Here to request a program.  For more information, please email outreach@terrehautechildrensmuseum.com.  New in Summer 2022 are programs for children ages 4-6 - See the flyer below for more details.


Outreach Labs

For up to 30 students in 1st-5th grades in a classroom setting. These STEM lessons provide the WOW and inspiration to start a unit or can conclude a unit by engaging students in a fun hands-on experience. Students will actively engage in science or engineering practices during the program.

  • Designed for 1st through 5th Grade
  • Labs are 45-60 minutes
  • $250 per session
  • Discounts are available for multiple sessions
  • Outreach events outside of Vigo County are subject to a transportation fee.
  • Click Here to request a program


Coding With Color

Use color sequencing skills to guide your Ozobot through mazes, avoiding dangerous pathways to success at the end. Ozobots are mini-robots that  take direction from colored lines on paper. This session introduces students to the basic concepts of coding in a fun way that gives immediate reinforcement.

Crazy Coasters

Explore force and motion as you work in teams to build a roller coaster. In this marble challenge put the force of gravity to work and engage in a hands-on experience to understand the science and design process that goes into engineering your favorite roller coasters. Can you engineer a loop?

Gross Science

Let’s get gross and explore the inner workings of our bodies, ruminate about runny noses, and dive into digestion. Explore the functions of your body through experiments that model how your body works. Learn why it’s so important to keep your body healthy!

It's Shocking

Use an electroscope to see static electricity then safely build an electrical circuit to create light. Safely experiment to determine what materials conduct electricity and then complete a circuit to light a bulb.

Lunar Adventure

Prepare to live on the moon. Choose a location that will meet your needs for water and safety, probably next to a crater. Then use electrolysis to extract oxygen from water.

STEM Stations 

Let us create a memorable one-hour event where kids DO science! Choose from hands-on science activities for a Family STEM Night or other event for a large number of people. Participants flow from one activity to another, spending 5-10 minutes at each. THCM will send staff members to facilitate up to three stations and train your volunteers to lead the other stations.

  • All Ages
  • $100 for the first station for one hour, $190 for two stations for one hour, and $25 for each additional station.
  • Additional hours can be added for $25 each.
  • Outreach events outside of Vigo County are subject to a transportation fee.
  • If you already have a variety of stations from other organizations, we are glad to be one of many.
  • Click Here to request a program

Our STEM stations include:


Balance Mysteries

Explore how center of balance affects what your body and buildings can do. There are limitations on what a body can do because of this physics phenomena. Challenge yourself to build a building that leans but still stands. Not everything has to be built straight.

Bot Adventures

Program your Ozobot , a mini robot, to travel to the castle. Use color coding to lay out the path on paper as you learn how to instruct a bot. See just how exacting yet fun coding can be.

Bottleless Water

Can you hold water in your hand? Learn to be eco-friendly while satisfying your thirst. Use two edible chemicals to create a water blob that can deliver water to your mouth instead of using plastic.

Build a Spacecraft

Design and build a spacecraft to study an object in our solar system using our special foam interlocking pieces. Carefully choose what scientific and navigational equipment you will use and then test it for see if it can withstand the forces of nature.

Cardboard Construction

Use Make-do screws and screwdrivers to engineer a cardboard creation. The creation can match the theme of your event. The hosting site provides the cardboard, but the museum brings the tools and supports the students using the engineering process as they construct.

Electrifying Electroscopes

A bottle, some wire, a couple pieces of foil and the mysteries of static electricity are exposed. Students build an electroscope while discovering why each element is needed.

Exploding Bags

Create mini-explosions with baking soda and vinegar. This chemistry experiment demonstrates what happens when you mix two ingredients together.

Geometric Bubbles

Use Zometools to make two and three dimensional bubble shapes. These special building materials allow you to connect an a wide variety of angles that can result with a bubble within a bubble.

Guess That Smell

Use your built in nanosensor to explore the smell works. Yes, your nose responds to the super small nano-sized particles released from a variety of materials. Discover just how effective it is!

Marble Roller Coasters

Discover how energy and forces work in roller coasters. Engineer a marble through a loop using our special foam tracks.

Soybean Necklaces

Plant a necklace that grows as you wear it over the next few weeks. What does it take for a seed to germinate?

Stomp Rockets

Build and launch a rocket to better understand the design of rockets.

Booking Information

Questions: Contact outreach@terrehautechildrensmuseum.com.

Download the complete School Services Guide HERE!


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