Field Trips

We have 2 field trip options to meet your needs!

Bring your whole class to the Terre Haute Children’s Museum for a day of creation, learning, and fun in a science and technology atmosphere! Check out the options below.  Once you have decided which is best for your group, please fill out this request form.  New for Fall 2022 are optional labs for PreK and Kindergarten featured in the flyer below.


Option #1 | Self-Exploration

  • 2 hours of exploring
  • Designed for students in Pre-K through 2nd grades.
  • Students 3rd grade or older are required to take the Field Trip Lab option.
  • Cost is $7/student; $4/chaperone; and teachers/school staff are free.
  • Field trips are conducted Wednesday through Friday beginning at 9 a.m. and are scheduled up to every 30 minutes thereafter.
  • Available for groups of 15 or more total people.
  • Your group should come divided into small groups of at least five students and one adult (5:1).
  • Payment must be made in one transaction. We accept cash, check or credit card.
  • Begin the process by completing the Field Trip Request Form


Add a Room for Lunch!

Bring your own lunch and use one of our meeting rooms to eat. There is a $1 per child fee clean-up fee.

Option #2 | Field Trip Exploration Labs

  • Available to all groups, but students 3rd grade or older are required to take this option
  • Museum staff leads a 45-minute STEM lesson with opportunities to play in the Museum for 1 hour. 
  • Labs are conducted Tuesday through Friday.
  • You choose the topics (see below) for the labs. Lessons align with state standards and science practices.
  • Four versions of the program are offered for groups of 15 or more students.
  • Students are priced based on program (see below); Chaperones are $4 each; teachers/school staff are free. 
  • Begin the process by completing the Field Trip Request Form.


Topics for Field Trip Exploration Labs

Shaping Planets

Do you look the same as you did last year? Will you look the same in 10 years? Just like people, planets change. Students will explore impact craters that shape our planet and other objects in the solar system.

Cockroach Mazes

Combine your love of design and insect behavior in this interactive lab. Students will design a maze using a variety of materials. After learning about Madagascar cockroaches, students will investigate which type of stimuli will move the cockroaches through the maze. Help in handling the cockroaches will be available.

Matter Matters

The Universe is filled with matter! YOU are made of matter! Come learn about what matters about MATTER. Challenge your ideas about solids, liquids, and gases.


We balance all the time with little thought. We bend over to pick up a stone or walk along curbs all without falling over. Experiment with balance, in this Leap Into Science workshop that pairs well with our Ropes Challenge Course.

Add a Room for Lunch!

Bring your own lunch and use one of our meeting rooms to eat. There is a $1 per child  clean-up fee.


Additional Information

Field Trip Policies

The Terre Haute Children's Museum has a policy about adults visiting without children. Due to this policy and to minimize confusion, ALL chaperones MUST be on a chaperone list and sent to the museum prior to your visit. Chaperones that are not on this list will be treated as "childless adults". They will be asked to allow us to hold their ID, sign-in, and be charged an $9 admission fee.

Chaperone Policy: We still require a 5:1 child to adult ratio at the museum for all group visiting. All teachers, aides, and bus drivers are FREE. All non-school-employee chaperones will be charged a $4 admission fee. They will need to pay the teacher before the field trip.

We now have two payment options for your group!  Pay for your students the day of your visit OR the Museum can invoice your school after your visit.

For more information on this policy, please read our Policies and Guidelines. For any questions, please contact Tess at

Download the complete School Services Guide HERE!

See the Orientation Video before your trip HERE!

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