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Terre Haute Children’s Museum is ready to help you dig into the mysteries of our world. Let us provide your readers with a deep STEM experience by booking our exciting programs.


Dangerous Discoveries

Dig into the wonders of nature! What makes thunder and lightning or how can you freeze something instantaneously? Watch in wonder as we reveal the amazing science behind the magical powers of Thor and your favorite ice queen. This 60-minute interactive demonstration will make your hair stand on end as we probe the forces of nature.  For groups of all ages and up to 100 people.



Wormy Wonders

Burrow into the wonders of the earthworm. How does it live? Look closely at its size and shape. Discover how it helps the soil and plants. Dig in as we investigate this unsung hero.  60-minutes maximum of 20 children Prek-2nd grades.



Cockroaches Mazes

Leave no stone or log unturned as we explore Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Try your hand at being a biological engineer, learning about these creatures, and then enticing them through a maze of your own creation. This 60-minute workshop for up to 30 children in K-5th grades lets you dig into this creepy crawly.



Astronaut Adventure

Unearth what it takes to live and work off of Earth. Train to be an astronaut: Learn how to walk on the moon, eat like an astronaut, and much more. After completing the training each child earns their own NASA badge to become an official astronaut. This 60-minute workshop for up to 30 children in K-5th grades requires extra room to move around.



Gross Investigations

Let’s get gross and explore the inner workings of our bodies, research runny noses, and dig into digestion! Investigate the functions of your body through exciting experiments that simulate how your body works. This 60-minute workshop for up to 30 children in K-5th grades might just convince you to wash your hands!



Exposing Wind

Wind is everywhere above ground, but how do we know that? Discover how to see it, what power it has to move things, and how to measure it. This 60-minute workshop for up to 30 students is part of the Leap Into Science network. Uncover this unseen force! 



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