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Terre Haute Children’s Museum is ready to help you explore stories that spark imagination through STEM activities. Let us provide your readers with a fantastical experience by booking our engaging programs.


Facts in Fairy Tales?

Myths and stories have wondrous acts of nature by people like Thor and everyone’s favorite ice princess. Be enthralled as we experiment with thunder, lightning, and freezing something instantaneously. This 60-minute interactive demonstration will make your hair stand on end as we bring to life the magical powers of story heroes. This is for groups of all sizes and ages up to 100 guests.



Yo ho, yo ho, is the pirate life for you? Pirates were some of the best engineers, astronomers, and innovators of their time. Train to be captains and experience just how much science it takes to navigate the high seas. (60 minutes)


Royals do Science

Princesses have seemingly magical powers or special relationships with the forces of nature. Use your creativity, science and design skills to tame an erupting volcano, create a coach, or explore frozen wonders (60 minutes).


Winds of Oz

Dorothy might have avoided the tornado if she had learned about the power of wind and how to detect it! Young scientists will be blown away as they discover ways to "see" air, and experiment with measuring wind through this 60 minute Leap Into Science hands-on lab for up to 20 PreK-2nd grade students.


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