Learning Lab – Homeschool Edition

Expand the science in your child's life with this brand-new program! Take an in-depth and hands-on look into an array of science topics!

Learning Lab is a series of drop-off programs for kids in K-4th grades and will be presented in a classroom style. The series is linked together by general theme -- animals, in this case -- however they are designed to stand alone, so your child can attend as many sessions as you wish.

  • Sessions are on selected Friday mornings
  • 9 AM – 12 PM
  • Member Pricing: $13 per session
  • Non-Member Pricing: $17 per session


January 24 | Crazy Construction

Construction is fun and can seem crazy, but really there is a method to the madness and simple machines make that possible. Use these everyday tools to solve problems, then experiment with electrical circuits and visit our newest exhibit, Under Construction. Each participant will make a badge showing off their new construction knowledge and skills.

February 7 | Come Fly with Me

How do they get those massive airplanes to fly? We will explore Bernoulli’s principle in our Fiddling with Physics exhibit. Then join the construction team as we design airplanes out of different types of materials and see if you can create an airplane to go the farthest. Take home a badge honoring your high-flying design skills.

February 21 | Everything LEGO

Are you ready to put your creativity to work in the design world? What are the steps in the design process? LEGOs become the building blocks as you design tall towers able to withstand the rocking and rolling of an earthquake (a shake test) and working windmills, how fast can your windmill lift a load? You won’t have to “lego” of your badge commemorating your achievement.

March 6 | The Great Cookie Boat Disaster

The Terre Haute Cookie Company transports their cookies from their factory in Terre Haute to their distribution center in New Orleans, LA.  Their largest barge was damaged in a recent storm, and they need to replace it as quickly as possible. Metal sinks when placed in water and yet huge boats made of metal float, why? Come explore the science behind boats and then design a boat that will carry the largest amount of cookies for the Terre Haute Cookie Company and test its seaworthiness. Mark your seaworthy accomplishment with a badge to take home.

March 20 | The Rovers & Rockets Race

Let’s take your construction out of this world! Join the great Rocket and Rover race. Learn about rocket and rover basics and then design your own and compete to see what makes one best for distance, over tough terrain, or carrying a heavy payload. Making a badge to take home will be a blast.

If Fridays don't work, there are Saturday sessions too!

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A limited number of Learning Lab scholarships are also available, based on financial need. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Download the scholarship form to apply.

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