Field Trips

Field Trips

Bring your whole class to the Terre Haute Children’s Museum for a day of creation, learning, and fun in a science and technology atmosphere!  Our self-exploration trips including two hours of exploring at your own pace. Split your group into smaller groups of five or fewer children and play with your favorite exhibits! Pre-registered trips are $6 per child.


Lunch Options

Bring your own lunch and use one of our party rooms to eat. There is a $1 per child fee clean-up fee.

Schedule a Field Trip

Please read through our FAQs and Policies and Guidelines for more information before scheduling a field trip.

There are TWO WAYS to request a Field Trip!

  1. Fill out a form online.
  2. Download a form and send it in.

All forms must be initialed and signed for the request to be processed.  Forms that are not initialed and signed will not be scheduled.

Field Trip Policies

The Terre Haute Children's Museum is enforcing a new policy about adults without children visiting the museum. Due to this new rule, ALL chaperones MUST be on a chaperone list and sent to the museum prior to your visit. Chaperones that are not on this list will be treated as "childless adults". They will be asked to allow us to hold their ID, sign-in, and be charged an $8 admission fee.

Chaperone Policy: We still require a 5:1 child to adult ratio at the museum for all group visiting. All teachers, aides, and bus drivers are FREE. All non-school-employee chaperones will be charged a $3 admission fee. They will need to pay the teacher before the field trip.

We now have two payment options for your group!

Pay for your students the day of your visit OR the Museum can invoice your school after your visit.

For more information on this policy, please read our Policies and Guidelines. For any questions, please contact Tess at

Learn Before You Go!

Teachers and group leaders: Help us help you! This video should be shared with your students and chaperones before your visit. It includes hints to stay safe and to have more fun while you visit the museum.  We rely on you to share this information before your visit. Your group, upon arrival, will immediately start engaging with exhibits once they are partnered with their chaperone, which will maximize their time in the museum.

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